Aquarius Commits Resources to Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — October 31, 2017

Aquarius Management Corporation, a company specializing in software development and management services in the digital asset space, today announced that it has committed $100,000 towards providing water relief to the residents of Puerto Rico. These funds will support the immediate purchase and distribution of water filtration systems to the underserved areas of the Caribbean island.

“Our mission is to develop technology that improves access to financial services for people worldwide,” said Evan Rose, a San Juan resident and Aquarius’ President & CEO. “The hurricanes in Puerto Rico are a stark reminder that the lifeblood of the modern economy is water, not oil. When the faucets stop running and the streams are contaminated, life grinds to a halt. Aquarius has the unique opportunity to partner locally with organizations and private citizens to ensure that water filters are delivered to those who need them the most.”

In September of this year Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, two back-to-back category 5 storms which took much of the already brittle power grid and water systems of the island offline. One month after the storms have passed many of the 3.4 million Americans on the island remain without access to power or clean water.

“Without access to clean water, the situation for many Puerto Ricans has become dire. Diseases like leptospirosis which are often unheard of are afflicting many in the rural areas of the island,” said Rose. “The ethos of our company has always been rooted in improving the human condition, initially through building software that increases financial inclusion. Aquarius is Latin for the water bearer; in this vein the company is expanding its mission to help restore access to clean water, access we believe to be the most fundamental of human rights.”

In spite of the widespread damage wrought by the storms, Puerto Rico continues onward, quietly becoming a center of technological innovation and a jewel for tourists and entrepreneurs alike. The island offers a favorable environment for businesses looking to harness technical talent from the University of Puerto Rico system, and has unmatched beaches and nightlife creating a tropical paradise only hours from urban centers in the U.S. and Latin America.

“Puerto Rico will be rebuilt stronger than ever. The day after Maria made landfall, we walked through the flooded streets and one thing was clear: the chaos of these storms has not dampened the spirit of its people,” said Rose. “In time the island will become a case study in renewable energy and an example of how a modern and redundant utility grid should be constructed. We are eager and committed to playing a role in this process.”

Aquarius has formed alliances with Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola and the Jesuits in Puerto Rico, the Ponce Medical School Foundation, Rotary Clubs in Puerto Rico and Houston District 5890, One ATTA Time, Disaster Aid USA, and many local Puerto Rican organizations to help procure and distribute Sawyer Water Filter systems.


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